Residence Permit of Portugal with “ARI”/Golden Visa

through investment in real estate

Portugal’s Law no. 29/2012 of 29 August 2012 (as amended and regulated) created a special regime called “ARI”, which quickly became known as the “Golden Visa”.

Portugal is Europe’s oldest country still having the same borders. A country with beautiful and diverse scenery, a mild climate (3,000 hours of sunshine per year in Lisbon) and a rich and cultural heritage that includes more than five centuries of relationship with peoples all over the world. It is a democracy, a free market economy, and a potential gateway to a market of about 250m people in the Portuguese speaking countries & communities. Goa’s connection to Portugal is well documented in history books.

Portugal has a highly educated population, half of whom can speak at least one foreign language (mainly English).

 Advantages of the Portugal Golden Visa Program:

This is the most advantageous program in Europe for receiving residency through investment in real estate with the possibility of obtaining permanent residency and EU citizenship.

Who can participate in this program











Conditions for participating in the Portugal Golden Visa program

To participate in the Portugal Golden Visa program, an investor must purchase one or several items of real estate at a total value of 500,000 euro. The program allows the real estate items to be owned by multiple investors, on the condition that each investor invests at least 500,000 euro.

The terms for participating in the program can be met by means of a promissory contract with a deposit in the amount of 500,000 euro or more. This means that in order to obtain temporary residency, you only need a promissory contract, which should be registered at the Land Registry Office.


What this program brings you


The investment object can even be several pieces of real estate bought together, provided that the total estimated value exceeds 500,000 euro. The real estate can be either residential or commercial.


When submitting an application for temporary residency, you are allowed to use a promissory contract with a deposit in an amount of at least 500,000 euro. The property rights should be drawn up before the first extension of your temporary residency, one year after you obtain residency.



In order to extend your temporary residency, you do not need to reside in Portugal. This allows you to rent out the property that you have purchased and gain additional income.  



If you register yourself under the non-habitual resident scheme your tax liability to the Portuguese Government could be reduced to near zero  


1+2+2 = 5

Residency through the Portugal Golden Visa program is valid for a period of 5 years. However, it must be extended after the first year for another two years, and then for another two years. You must observe certain minimum conditions for being present in the country: no fewer than 7 days in the first year, and no fewer than 14 days in each of the following 2-year cycles.

Documents you will need

  • Proof of ownership of the piece of real estate, issued by the Land Registry Office

  • Passport

  • Proof of address (Driving License/ Aadhar Card/ Bank Statement)

  • Attestation that you have no criminal record in your country of citizenship, as well as in any countries you have lived in for at least one year in the last 5 years

  • Proof of medical insurance

  • A signed form allowing SEF to carry out a background check in the Portuguese criminal record registry

For family members’ applications

  • A passport for all members of the family

  • Marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates

  • For each dependent parent, the main applicant’s birth certificate (or the spouse), if under 65years old, a certificate on no income issued by the tax authority of country of origin

Prices of our services


GOLDEN VISA for the main applicant - 20,000 euro

GOLDEN VISA for each member of the main applicant’s family - 5,000 euro

The price of our Portugal Golden Visa package includes:

  • Consultation on all possibilities and finer details of participating in the Portugal Golden Visa program

  • On requirement, providing an invitation letter for obtaining a Schengen travel visa from the Portuguese Embassy

  • Drawing up a power of attorney

  • Providing all necessary document translation & legalization services

  • Company Set-up

  • Opening a bank account in Portugal

  • Obtaining a Taxpayer Identification Number in Portugal

  • Providing contact with financial representation services

  • Providing our escrow account and related services (if necessary)

  • Property Search, Purchase (with maximum ROI) & Legal Assistance

  • Analysis and check of all documents relating to real estate ownership

  • Preparation of a reservation agreement

  • Preparation of a promissory contract

  • Final act

  • Registration of real estate ownership rights at the Land Registry Office and financial authorities

  • Representation of owner’s interests to public utilities (electricity, gas, water)

  • Preparation and submission of documents for temporary residency under the Golden Visa program

  • Accompanying your case for 5 years

  • Extension of resident status under the Golden Visa program

  • Support in obtaining Portuguese citizenship

Prices for services if used outside of the Portugal Golden Visa package

  • Arranging temporary residency for investor - 10,000 euro

  • Arranging temporary residency for family members - 5,000 euro per person

  • Extension - 5,000 euro per person

  • Company Set-up – 2,000 euro

  • Oversight of SEF process for investor/family member – 1000/150 euro

  • Services relating to property - 3,000 euro (contracts, legal support, representation of your interests with registry office & tax authority)

  • Notary services – 2,000 euro

  • Fee for transfer of Property ownership rights - 5–7%

  • Stamp duty of the transaction value - 0.8%

  • Municipal tax - 0.3–0.8% (annually)

  • Opening a bank account in Portugal - 1,000 euro

  •  Fiscal representation - 800–1,600 euro (annually)

  • Support in obtaining Portuguese citizenship - 5,000 euro per person

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