Residence in Latvia

through investment in Real Estate/government

bonds/financial investments

On 1 July, 2010 the Latvian Immigration Law came into effect, which allows foreign investors and their family members to obtain residence permit in Latvia.

Latvia, a small Baltic country has been an EU member since 2004, as well as a member of the Schengen Zone. Latvia's population is about 2 million, and since 2014 the national currency is the euro.

Untouched white sandy coastline, scores of rivers and lakes, as well as pine and birch forests are part of the experience. Latvia's capital city of Riga, known as Paris of the North, was last year’s European Capital of Culture. Latvia is also one of the top greenest countries in the world. Around 20 per cent of Latvia is protected. There are four national parks, 42 nature parks, 260 nature reserves, 355 nature monuments, seven protected marine areas, 24 micro reserves and a biosphere reserve. It topped the Environmental Performance Index in 2012.

You will find no difficulty to communicate in English with the Latvians.

 Advantages of the Latvian Golden Visa Program:

This is one of the fastest residency programs in Europe and entails a Latvian work permit also. There is a possibility of obtaining permanent residency and EU citizenship too.

Who can participate in this program







All candidates must lack a criminal record, they cannot have violated Schengen visa or customs rules, they must not be barred from entry into the EU, and they must not be subject to an inquiry in the Schengen integrated information system.



Conditions for participating in the Latvia Golden Visa program

Documents you will need

  • Passport

  • Proof of address of permanent residency in your country of citizenship

  • Attestation that you have no criminal record in your country of citizenship, as well as in any countries you have lived in for at least one year in the last 5 years

  • Proof of medical insurance

For family members’ applications

  • A passport for all members of the family

  • Marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates

  • Proof that the family has a registered address in Latvia

Prices of our services


5 year residence permit for the investor - 20,000 euro

Residence permit for each member of the main applicant’s family - 5,000 euro

The price of our Latvian Golden Visa package includes:

  • Consultation on all possibilities and finer details of participating in the Latvian Golden Visa program

  • Drawing up a power of attorney

  • Providing all necessary document translation & legalization services

  • Opening a bank account in Latvia

  • Providing contact with financial representation services

  • Providing our escrow account and related services (if necessary)

  • Property Search, Purchase (with maximum ROI) & Legal Assistance

  • Analysis and check of all documents relating to real estate ownership

  • Preparation of a reservation agreement

  • Final act

  • Registration of real estate ownership rights at the Land Registry Office and financial authorities

  • Representation of owner’s interests to public utilities (electricity, gas, water)

  • Preparation and submission of documents for temporary residency under the Golden Visa program

  • Accompanying your case for 5 years

  • Extension of resident status under the Golden Visa program

  • Support in obtaining Latvian citizenship

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