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UK tier 1 entrepreneur

The Tier I Entrepreneur visa is a temporary residence permit in the United Kingdom, subsequently providing an opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit and citizenship of the United Kingdom.

The main goal of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur program is to attract intellectual capital to the United Kingdom, which is quite different from the high investment Investor Program designed solely to attract financial assets. Accordingly, when an application for an entrepreneur visa is considered by the UK Visas and Immigration Service, firstly attention is paid to the fact of seriousness of an applicant’s entrepreneurial intentions.

 Advantages of the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Program:

Small Initial Investment

Compared with the Investor Visa, entry threshold requirement for obtaining a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is 10 times smaller, which makes obtaining this visa the most affordable way of immigration to the UK

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You can choose your level of involvement in the business to which the investments are made. It can either be active, passive or combined

Active, Passive or Combined Participation
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You and members of your family have the right to fully reside in the UK, conduct business, work, study free and enjoy other rights of UK residents

The possibility of permanent residence in the UK
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The entrepreneur and the members of his family will be able to obtain permanent residence in UK after 5 years and apply for citizenship after 12 months of receiving the permanent residence status 

The possibility to obtain citizenship in the future
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The most affordable way to legal immigration in the UK, followed by obtaining permanent residence and citizenship

Following people can obtain UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa







Conditions for obtaining Residence Permit

  • 200 000 GBP minimum investment

  • Proof of proficiency in English

  • Confirmation of intent to conduct business in the UK  

  • Business Investment

A) Investment in Existing Business

Our company assists customers to invest in operating businesses which by the nature of their activities are related to the investor’s academic and professional experience. This approach usually has an outstanding result.

  1. When investing into an existing business, you do not have to prove to the authorities that a business will be created and will be a success.

  2. The business into which the investment is made, corresponds to the applicant’s experience, which greatly simplifies the task to prove applicant’s serious intent.

B) Create your own business       

Service list for those who want to use all features of this program (Invest in Existing Business) –


One of the main obstacles in the process of obtaining a residence permit is the need to prove to the immigration authority of the United Kingdom the entrepreneurial intentions of applicant. We can easily solve this problem by choosing a company of the kind of activity which corresponds to the academic and professional experience of the investor in the best way.


Participation of the applicant in the actual business is provided through the purchase of company shares (ownership). We represent the client's interests when negotiating with business owners and provide comprehensive client protection as well as the most favorable conditions for future withdrawal from business if needed.



For the purposes of obtaining this visa, the company is required to confirm the client’s participation in business, creation of two full time jobs for UK citizens & appointment of client as a Company Director. This is mandatory for a positive decision of your application.



Our team will monitor compliance of the company to satisfy the requirements until the customer receives the permanent residence permit.


We understand the emergence of dozens of issues when relocating to a new country, such as tax matters, purchase or lease of real estate, choice of an educational institution or liaison with various governmental agencies. Through our strong affiliate program we ensure a seamless experience for you.


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