Permanent Residency in Greece

through investment in real estate

A new law on the stay of foreigners in Greece (4251/2014) has brought citizens of third countries a new way to immediately get a 5-year permanent residence in Greece by purchasing real estate, the total value of which must be at least 250,000 euro.

Greece offers a unique blend of beautiful Mediterranean landscape, remarkable history and culture and people of great hospitality, being fierce guardians of their tradition. The country is synonymous with natural beauty. You find crystal clear blue waters and hidden picturesque islands. One can enjoy the sun on white sandy beaches or climb hills full of pine trees and olive groves.

Although Greek cities are modern, you can also visit traditional villages with stone

houses in the mainland and beautiful white-blue cottages on the islands. Greece has something to offer for every taste waiting to be discovered.

Greece is located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, allowing one to reach within one hour flight to any of these continents.

You will find no difficulty to communicate in English with the Greeks.  

 Advantages of the Greece Real Estate Investor Program:

Visa-free travel or living in European countries.

You and your family will not only have the right to live in Greece year-round, you will also be able to travel and spend unlimited amount of time in Schengen countries

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For one investment, your spouse, children under age 21 and parents (as long as they can be proved as dependant) can also receive their permanent residence permits.

5 year permanent residency for the whole family
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There is no obligation of stay to keep the residence status active.

No minimum stay requirement  
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This residence allows you to make use of Greek medical services and a right for your children to attend school & universities.

Access to European Education & healthcare
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For investors looking to take the real estate route to European residency, this makes for a very advantageous program.

Conditions for receiving 5 year Permanent Residency through the Greece Real Estate Investor Program
















Possibilities you have


The object of investment can consist of several pieces of real estate, the total value of which is higher than 250,000 euro, which allows you to buy liquid real estate for a reasonable price.


The rules for the minimum investment amount take into account the estimated value, which is generally higher than the market price, as it involves more criteria. The minimum required investment amount of 250,000 euro can be achieved at an effective market price starting from 150,000 euro.



To successfully renew this permanent residence, there is no requirement to live in Greece. This allows you to rent out the property that you have bought and thus receive additional income. We through our associate partners can buy you properties with a return on investment between 8 to 10%.

Note - This form of permanent residence does not permit you to work in Greece or engage in business activities in Greece. This category of permanent residence does not yet imply receiving citizenship of Greece in the future.



Procedure Timeline

Ownership, as an individual or the sole proprietor of a legal person, of real estate in Greece, the value of which is at least 250,000 euros or a contract signed with a realtor or an attorney on the intent to purchase real estate in this amount

Documents you will need

  • A notarized contract for the purchase of real estate

  • Attestation that the contract has been registered with the Land Register

  • Attestation from a notary that the real estate meets the requirements of the law (including the value)

  • Receipt for payment of a state fee according to Article 132 of law 4251/2014

  • Valid passport for traveling abroad

  • Marriage certificate (if two spouses are applying)

  • Birth certificates of any children (if you are applying together with your children)

  • Health insurance policy

In the event that the real estate used for applying for permanent residence is still not in your ownership, documents 1–4 are replaced with the contract you have concluded with an attorney or realtor on the intent to purchase the real estate. This additionally brings a requirement to prove that you have funds in an amount of at least 250,000 euro, for which a bank statement can serve.

All documents must be officially translated into Greek.

Prices of our services

Permanent Residence for the Main Applicant - 20,000 euro

Permanent Residence for members of the main applicant’s family - 5,000 euro

The price of our package includes:

  • Consultation on all possibilities and finer details of participating in the Greece Real Estate Investor program

  • Drawing up a power of attorney

  • Providing all necessary document translation & legalization services

  • Opening a bank account in Greece

  • Providing contact with financial representation services

  • Providing our escrow account and related services (if necessary)

  • Property Search, Purchase (with maximum ROI) & Legal Assistance

  • Analysis and check of all documents relating to real estate ownership

  • Preparation of a reservation agreement

  • Final act

  • Registration of real estate ownership rights at the Land Registry Office and financial authorities

  • Representation of owner’s interests to public utilities (electricity, gas, water)

  • Preparation and submission of documents for temporary residency under the Golden Visa program

  • Accompanying your case for 5 years

  • Extension of resident status under the Golden Visa program

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Note: All candidates must lack a criminal record, they cannot have violated Schengen visa or customs rules, they must not be barred from entry into the EU, and they must not be subject to an inquiry in the Schengen integrated information system.   
Timeshare agreement - A contract for the lease, for no less than 15 years, of commercial real estate for tourism purposes within Greece on behalf of the sole proprietor of a legal entity, the minimum value of which shall be 250,000 euros
Investment in a plot of land - the cumulative value of the land purchase and the contract with the construction company must be at least of a minimum value of 250,000 euro.



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