Advantages of the Bulgarian Citizenship:

  • To receive a Bulgarian passport, you do not need to reside in Bulgaria

  • Holding a Bulgarian passport will allow you to travel visa-free to almost 155 countries, and a right to travel, study live or work anywhere in the EU region

  • Your children, as an EU citizen will pay the same reduced tuition fee as other European students.

  • Investment under this program qualifies you and your family and the following generation for a lifetime European citizenship

  • Bulgaria’s gentle taxation regime affords persons and corporations the lowest income tax in the European Union

  • The investment is made guaranteed through redeemable government bonds and hence stands on very safe ground

  • To receive citizenship there are no language requirements, medical tests or interviews

Citizenship of Bulgaria

through investment in government bonds

The Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Programme (BGIIP), was created in 2009 with an amendment to the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act.

Bulgaria, officially the Republic of Bulgaria, is a unitary state on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe bordering the Black Sea in the east. The country has shared borders with Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey.

Soul-stirring mountains rival golden beaches while cities hum with nightlife and art. Within Bulgaria’s beguiling blend of nature and history, unforgettable adventures are guaranteed. "Somewhere between panoramas of the Pirin Mountains and the cobbled nooks of old Plovdiv, Bulgaria grabbed my imagination – and it still hasn’t let go. Bulgaria is a mysterious, multilayered country, with ski fields as fantastic as its beaches. But what keeps me enthralled is Bulgaria’s mash-up of ancient and cutting-edge culture. What could be more alluring than heavy metal concerts in a Roman stadium, light shows over a medieval fortress, or crumbling mansions reborn as bars? Archaeological discoveries are made all the time, so there’s something new and compelling each time I visit: the perfect excuse to keep coming back." - wrote Anita Isalska, the writer.

Bulgarian passport is an accessible, transparent and respectable gateway into the European economy, society and way of life.

Who can participate in this program







All candidates must lack a criminal record & must not be barred from entry into the EU.



Conditions for participating in the Latvia Golden Visa program

  • Invest 512,000 euros in a Government Bond Portfolio for 5 years to receive residency leading to a passport in 5 years

  • Double the investment to 1,024,000 euros and receive passport in a total of 2 years  


The Process

  • Sign up an NDA with Novalife & go through a pre-due diligence check to ensure eligibility

  • Collection and preparation of documentation usually takes approximately 1 month which must be translated and certified.

  • Our legal representative then opens up a bank account on behalf of you, the main investor. At this step full investment is required, after which the Investment Certificate is obtained. Investment and residential address must be maintained for 5 years under regular basis. Nevertheless, there is no physical residence requirement.

  • Submit residency visa application at the local Bulgarian embassy. Application processing takes up to 45 days on average, though some separate cases might require longer period of time. (Be sure that passport validity is not less than 12 months).

  • Provide passport within 30 days to receive D visa after residency application is approved.

  • Consult suitable first trip date to Bulgaria. Assistance booking hotels and airport transfer may be provided if requested. Our legal representative accompanies investor to submit residence application. Application processing takes up to 90 days.

Prices of our services


Principal applicant: € 90,000

Spouse: included​

Each Child: € 5,000

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  • After the approval is issued schedule the second trip to Bulgaria and submit permanent residence card application. On the third business day of the application residency cards are ready and must be collected in person.

  • Once the main investor receives residency card, family is allowed to apply for a visa D, submit permanent residency and permanent residency card applications accordingly. All the same procedures are applied as for the main applicant minus the investment.

  • To receive citizenship and passport within 1 year after 1 year of sustaining resident status, main applicant must double the investment and deposit 1 024 000 EUR in total.

  • Submit the application to citizenship after completion of a total of two years.

  • On approval travel to Bulgaria for collection of Bulgarian Passport and ID card.

  • Once investor receives citizenship, family member’s application will be applied under the citizenship by descent process.

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