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For many, living in Europe — with its charming Old Towns steeped in centuries of history — is the ultimate dream. There are a few countries in Europe which have still so beautifully maintained their heritage along with meeting the modernization of today’s era.

Lithuania, a country in Northern Europe, situated between Latvia, Russia, Poland and Belarus is one amongst them. Nearly three million people live in Lithuania, with more than 500,000 living in the capital city of Vilnius. The country is known for its stable economy, relatively low taxation, and pro-business attitude. According to a TOI article in 2015, Lithuania recorded a massive increase in the number of Indian students heading to its universities. The number jumped from 37 in 2011 to 357 in 2014. The quality of education is as good as any in the

western European nations, at half the cost. With the country’s growing economy and a substantial increase in purchase power of its citizens, Lithuania is a great place to start a new business venture. One walk on Gedimino Street in the summers and you could feel the world come alive.

You will find no difficulty to communicate in English with the young Lithuanians due to their constant exposure to the Western European nations.

The main goal of this program is to attract intellectual capital to Lithuania, which is quite different from other Golden residency programs in Europe. When an application for Residence Permit under this program is considered by the Migration Department, first of all attention is paid on how serious the entrepreneurial intentions of the applicant are.     

 Advantages of the Lithuania Business Investment Program:

Small Initial Investment

Compared to all other Golden Visa programs in Europe, threshold for obtaining a residence permit under this program is 10 times smaller making it the most affordable program in all of Europe

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You can choose your level of involvement in the business to which the investments were made. It can either be active management, passive participation or combined approach.

Active, Passive or Combined Participation
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You and your family will not only have the right to live in Lithuania year-round, you will also be able to travel and live visa free in all Schengen member countries.

Visa-free travel or living in European countries.
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On grant of your residence permit, your spouse and dependent minor children can also receive their residence permits based on family unification procedure.

Temporary residency for the whole family
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This is the most affordable way to legally immigrate to Europe, followed by obtaining permanent residency and EU citizenship too.

Following people can obtain resident permits under this program








Conditions for obtaining Residence Permit

  • 28,000 Euros

  • Ability to speak English

  • Place of Residence in Lithuania

  • Business Investment

A) Investment in Existing Business

Our company assists customers to invest in the operating business which by the nature of their activities is related to the academic and professional customer experience. This approach usually provides an outstanding result.

  1. When investing into an existing business, you do not have to prove to the authorities that a business will be created and will be a success.

  2. The business into which the investment is made, actually corresponds to the applicant’s experience, which greatly simplifies the task to prove real intent.

B) Create your own business

C) Investment in a Business Run & Managed by us

We also have an option for customers to invest into a business, run & managed by our company. Under this option your money is invested into a business which is solely handled by our team of employees and you shall be a silent shareholder of the company. On your behalf, we meet all the statutory requirements set forth by the immigration department to gain and renew your residence permit. We also guarantee you a 9% monthly return on your investment. You will just need to maintain a residence address in Lithuania & the main applicant will need to fulfill the minimum stay requirements only.

Once you receive your PR in 5 years, you shall forfeit your shareholding right in the company or have an option to purchase your part of the shareholding at the then current market value.

This is a very popular option amongst our clients, since it provides the freedom to do their own thing in the EU & being guaranteed a residence permit with a high return on the investment.       

Service list for those who want to use all features of this program


One of the main obstacles in the process of obtaining a residence permit is the need to prove to the immigration department of Lithuania the entrepreneurial intentions of the applicant. We can easily solve this problem by choosing a company of the kind of activity which corresponds to the academic and professional experience of the customer in the best way.


Participation of the applicant in the actual business is provided through the purchase of company shares (ownership). We represent the client's interests when negotiating with business owners and provide comprehensive client protection as well as the most favorable conditions for future withdrawal from business if needed.



For the purposes of obtaining a residence permit, the company is required to employ 3 full time Lithuanian citizens. We will assist you in finding the right talent for your business type if you intend to start a new venture of your own.  



Our team will monitor compliance of the company to satisfy the requirements until the customer receives the permanent residence permit.


We understand the emergence of dozens of issues when relocating to a new country, such as tax matters, purchase or lease of real estate, choice of an educational institution or liaison with various governmental agencies. Due to our local office presence in Lithuania it eliminates the need of searching for any solutions.


Case Scenarios

SCENARIO 1 – No interest in running a business, only need a residence permit & a European base


Looking to explore the European region market and travel between all 26 member countries freely, a client wanted a residence permit for visa free access and simultaneous travel back & forth to India. He was also looking at a base in the European region country with low cost of living to work out future plans for him & his family. Moreover, the client did not want to actively participate in a business due to his present commitments in India, and preferred not to be bothered.


Initially a “Golden Visa” was considered as the easiest way, but the client was not willing to commit a high investment and wanted to explore the European market by staying in the region part-time.

The solution worked out for this task was investment in a logistics business run and managed by us. A contract was signed with our company giving the client a guaranteed 9% monthly return on his investment and a residence permit for him & his family. Since Lithuania has a low cost of living along with good connectivity to all European nations, it provided the client with a great base to live and travel and eventually working his way towards a permanent European residence.

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All candidates must lack a criminal record, they cannot have violated Schengen visa or customs rules, they must not be barred from entry into the EU, and they must not be subject to an inquiry in the Schengen integrated information system.

The residence permit is initially issued for one year with two following extension for two years each. Only the main applicant is required to spend at least 183 days per year in Lithuania. 

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