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Novalife is an investment immigration consultancy firm, specializing in European immigration law, investor programmes for residence and citizenships in various parts of the globe and corporate immigration.

Which passport or residency you carry determines where you can live, where you can travel, where you can work & where you can invest.

According to a recent report by New World Wealth, 7000 Indians shifted overseas in 2017 alone. The reasons high on the list amongst others were:



















So many people go through life thinking they are stuck with a certain set of circumstances, failing to realize that they are the only ones who can ever actually change them.  Our mission at Novalife is to show you that geography is no longer a limiting factor and that you can exponentially improve your living situation by “going where you’ll be treated best.”

We often ask potential clients, “What end result are you looking for? What resources are you willing to commit to meet your goals?”

Based on the above, we align your needs to the many available residency and citizenship programs with us, handholding you from the start till the end of process. Many of our migration programs are unique and have been worked out through years of groundwork and partnerships with the most experienced professionals of the trade.

Some people might want the cheapest citizenship to buy in instant citizenship countries or are chasing one of the western countries passports by looking into easiest countries to get citizenship.

Whatever your goals are, we can advice and execute.

The world is rapidly changing, use our advice.

Better Quality of Life

More Personal freedom

Global Mobility or Visa-free travel

Higher Passport Perception

Quality Education for Children

Advising Global Citizens

Why Novalife?


Our specialist global team has gained solid experience in legal services, immigration, property investment, government consulting and direct foreign investment. Our wealth of experience and highly-skilled multilingual team of legal and other professionals ensures a truly international and personalized service, conducted with absolute discretion and with the utmost speed and integrity. A company with robust international connections, Novalife has offices in various countries and partners in many others. We have a particularly strong presence in Europe, US & the UK region.

Years of Experience
Strict Confidentiality
Individual Approach